Kartikey Sapra
Solution :

That's a virus named as ravmon.exe and autorun.inf and sometimes Because of NewFolder.exe

Scan first with a good antivirus
then try this trick.

First show the hidden files and folders options then try this method

1. Go to Start-->run and type cmd then click ok

2. If u want to remove the infected file from D drive then type D: in command prompt and press enter

3. Type autorun.inf and press enter autorun.inf file is opened

4. Now type "attrib autorun.inf -s -h -r" ( this removes System ,Hidden n Read Only attribute for a files )and press enter

5. Now delete the file by typing
"del autorun.inf" and press enter

6.Now type autorun.inf and press enter now, u will find no infected autorun.inf file.

7. same way do for all other drives then restart ur pc
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