Kartikey Sapra
1. Goto C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes and copy both Luna.theme and Luna folder to desktop.

2. From desktop, Change the names; Luna.theme to Orange.theme (or whatever name u want) and Luna folder to orange.

3. Open Orange.theme in Notepad and replace all the words "LUNA" with "Orange"

4. Open Orange folder from desktop and change the name of Luna.msstyles to Orange.msstyles

5. Now cut/copy both orange.theme file and orange folder back to C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes

6. Download Resource Hacker

7. Use Resource Hacker to open your Orange.msstyles file from C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\Orange\Orange.msstyles

8. You can replace any or all of the STARTBUTTON_BMP files that are located in the Bitmap section. There are 3 different sets: BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP, HOMESTEAD_STARTBUTTON_BMP, AND METALLIC_STARTBUTTON_BMP, for BLUe, OLIVE GREEN and SILVER color scheme respectively.So here, im ging to change the color for only Blue color scheme, so i'll use BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP.

9. Right click on 1033 under BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP folder and from menu, select the 3rd option--> SAVE [BITMAP :BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP:1033]. save it to desktop with any name. (don't close your Resource hacker)

10. Open the newly saved bitmap file in any paint editer and edit it. The three green buttons you will see are the original Start buttons. so edit them according to their apearence. Dont remove the blue lines and purple color (it won't appear in the Start button) and dont change the size of the image.Edit the green part only.After editing, save the bitmap file with any name.

11. (I hope u havent closed the Resource hacker....if yes...no problem, again Use Resource Hacker to open your Orange.msstyles file from C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\Orange\Orange.msstyles ) Now again right click on 1033 under BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP folder in Resource hacker > Replace Resource.. > Open the file with new bitmap > (select your edited bitmap from desktop) > Replace. Then click file > SAVE.

12. You are almost done here...only one thing more to do....Download UXtheme.dll file for your windows and save it to your harddrive..not your Desktop.


13. Restart your PC in Safe Mode, go to C:\WINDOWS\ system32 and find the file uxtheme.dll, rename it to uxtheme2.dll (as a backup). Now copy your downloaded UXtheme.dll file to C:\WINDOWS\ system32.

14. Restart your PC in Normal Mode, Goto Display Properties > Appearance and you will see two WINDOWS XP STYLE options under WINDOWS AND BUTTONS option..one of them is yours (probably the first one). Select it, also select your color scheme as Blue (if it is not) and hit ENTER....and enjoy a new look of you Start menu button........

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