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AV MUSIC MORPHER GOLD 4.0 makes detailed audio edits a snap. It is packed full of powerful features including a multi-track recorder/editor, a whole suite of professional effects and our famous patented vocal remover/extractor.
AV MUSIC MORPHER GOLD 4.0 turns your humble PC into a fully-fledged recording studio giving you the power to make your own pop songs, funky remixes or even backing tracks quickly in the comfort of your own home.
When you've finished your masterpiece there's a ready-to-use CD burner so you can burn your favorite songs to CD and share them with your friends.
- Wave Editor allows you to chop, combine and tidy-up any audio file.
- Multi-channel Music Mixer mixes music and voices together to make your own funky new hit song (works with whole songs or edited clips).
- Effects Mixer and Editor adds and combines studio-quality audio effects for optimal quality and amazing new sounds.
- Voice Remover and Voice Extractor removes/extracts vocals from stereo sounds. (Due to some audio effects, results may vary depending on quality of recording and embedded effects.)
- Multitrack Session mixes all of your favorite tunes together making the creation of your next groovy remix or megamix a snap.
- MUSIC MORPHER GOLD 4.0 allows you to: Extract/remove vocals or music from songs.
- Mix songs, vocals and sound effects together to create new and unique songs.
- Own a premium wave file editor.
- Manage your music effectively.
- Enhance the quality of your entire music collection better than you ever thought possible.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hmm... what to do, what to do?

    Sorry if this post is an ancient post or not. I couldn't tell. I tried downloading this program and receive this error from Rapidshare:

    This file has been removed from the server, because the file has not been accessed in a long time.

    any chance you'll be reuploading it anytime soon?

  2. Hey Av morpher link has been updated .Here is the new link

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