Kartikey Sapra

This program is better than any other type of code-changing program out there
(it is better than Cheat Engine 5.1-5.5) I used it to hack these games:

-Farmville (facebook)
-Mobsters 2 Vendetta (facebook)
-Roller Coaster Kingdom (facebook)
-Street Racing (facebook)
-Pet Society (facebook)
-Restaurant City (facebook)
-World of Warcraft

I completely endorse this XD best part it is free. If you just want to download follow this link


I used on my Computer and worked fine

but the bad part is that on WoW it resets the values of your money back to what they were before you changed it

this was on their web site

"Many anti-virus programs detect WPE Pro as a Virus or Trojan, however it is not. Some anti-virus programs will even go so far as deleting the file from your computer when you extract or, not let you run the program. To get past this, you'll simply need to disable your anti-virus program when you plan to use WPE Pro.

I take no responsibility for your actions with WPE pro. By downloading WPE pro you hereby take all responsibility for your actions. If you have several computers on a LAN, you must make sure that you have permission from everyone on the LAN before running WPE Pro. If you do not, the program will capture all data sent on the network, breaching other's privacy, and the law"
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