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Create a Virtual Drive easily
With this simple technique you can create a new Drive in ur PC (not actual drive..its only Virtual) and can associate an existing path with that newly created driveletter.

For eg: if your system already has 5 real drives (say..) with drive letters C: to G: , with this technique u can create a virtual drive H: (in fact u can choose any drive letter that is not used and reserved) and u can map the drive H: with your favourite songs Folder.Then a new drive H: will appear in the My Computer that when clicked put you in to your Favourite songs folder.Trust me..its way too easy.Here is how..!

For this to work you dont need any third party tools.You need only the Command Prompt or you can directly use the RUN window.
The command used to accomplish this task is subst.
Here is how to use it.

1)To Create a Virtual Drive

The command to create a drive is
subst .
Here driveletter: is the drive letter u want to assign to your new drive and
FolderPath is the path you want to associate with your new virtual drive.

For Eg: subst L: g:\sony

will create a drive L: and associates the folder g:\sony with it.

2)To Delete the Virtual Drive

To remove the Virtual drive use the following syntax.
subst /D
this will remove the Drive.

For eg: subst L: /D
will remove the virtual drive L:

That's it try yourself Now!!!

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