Kartikey Sapra
Do you want to know how to download multiple files from rapishare without premioum account?
Ok I will give you the trick.
Free Rapidshare account limit your access or download based on IP, the IP of your computer. So logically it can be hacked/passed by using IP proxy. However not all web proxy can be use to access Rapidshare. Most of Web proxy limit or even block Rapidshare site due to bandwidth issue.. Accessing rapidshare will use a heavy bandwidth..
However there are still some web proxy that can be use to access rapidshare. some of them is:






For more proxy list go to proxy.sebarin.com

The steps how to download multiple files on rapidshare without premium account:

1. open some web proxy in your browser.
2. uncheck “Remove all script / javascript”. don’t forget to uncheck it because to be able to access rapidshare your browsher should be javascript enable.
3. copy and past the link of rapidshare file that will be downloaded. One web proxy to one download channel. So you can download file as much as web proxy you have, together in the same time. If you have 5 web proxy you can download 5 file at the same time. It is like when you have a premium account.
4. the file is ready to be downloaded.

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