Kartikey Sapra
This is a BASIC and VERY simple Guide.
The BEST part is that no matter What your Upload Speed is. It takes the same time for everyone. Why? (Explain Futher below).
The most important that to own a Premium Account on RapidShare or MegaUpload or NetLoad or MegaShares or ... HotFile.com is a file hosting site too, but if you have Premium Account on other file hosting site, you can remote upload as much files as you want (or as you bandwich have... [RS])

Let's Start...

Getting What's REQUIRED!

Now Double ur money

And then Sign-Up for a Free Account.

Remote upload from RapidShare
Check for a Few Latest Movies/TV Show Episodes download links.
Make Sure that the Movies/TV Shows are Really Famous.

TV Shows


Now lets copy the download links...

Than go to the upload section HotFile's (Main site) and click to the Remote upload.

Paste the download links into Remote Upload section.

Do not click the upload button... yet.

Now you have to write into download links your RapidShare code. Do not affraid, HotFile isn't a scam site.

And now click the upload button.

Thaat's all. Now you have you HotFile download links. GO and share the link

Remote upload from RapidShare with Direct Link Generator

Go To This Site to make Direct Links:


Copy-paste your RS downloading links, write your username and password and then "Get links"

Please make sure that u dont Enter ur ALIAS But Your Number ID As shown below.

You'll get the RapidShare Premium Links. Just copy-paste into your HotFile remote upload site and then it'll upload 'em.


Remote upload from MegaVideo

If you got it, and you have a MegaVideo Premium Account click the DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL button.

And copy the (direct) download link into HotFile's Remote upload section.


Making Your Movies/TV Shows Famous.
Post your links as much forums/site as you can. I only know a few forums, if you know others please share with us in comment.

Your statistics could be checked from here:


After a few days of uploading I have $161,24. Not bad at all.

They Pay Every Monday :

Minimum Payout = 15 $

Payment method:

If anyone facing problems , comment here !!
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