Kartikey Sapra
step 1:)

download this partition manager(u can use other partition manager but i m using this.its free!)

[download home edition]

step 2:)

after downloading open up easuse partition master

(info:my space
c:=60 gb
d:=40 gb)

now we will have to get unallocated space.choose a drive which u want to shrink and get unallocated space and add to c drive.

[i choose d drive]

step 3:)

lets shrink it little bit(u can shrink as much u want as example i am shrinking only 1 gb)

1.right click on d drive and click resize/ move.
2.then shrink ur drive space by taking the two head pointer left.

step 4:)
then u will see unallocated space in gray in the next to the d drive.drag it to the next to the c drive.

step 5:)

then right click on c drive and click on resize and move you will see some free space next to it.extend the two head pointer over the free space.and then click ok.

step 6:)

click on apply button on the left panel.wait a second till the work done then check your c drive and u will see it extended.

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