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Superscan is a free connect-based port scanning software designed to detect open TCP and UDP ports on a target computer, determine which services are running on those ports, and run queries such as whois, ping, ICMP traceroute, and Hostname lookups.

Superscan 4, which is a completely-rewritten update to the other Superscan, features windows enumeration, which can list a variety of important information dealing with Microsoft Windows such as:

* NetBIOS information
* user and Group Accounts
* Network shares
* Trusted Domains
* Services - which are either running or stopped

Superscan is a tool used by both system administrators, crackers and script kiddies to evaluate a computer's security. System administrators can use it to test for possible unauthorized open ports on their computer networks, whereas crackers use it to scan for a potentially insecure port in order to gain illegal access to a system.

Superscan 4 is produced by the Foundstone, a division of McAfee.

Here are some of the new features in this version.

* Superior scanning speed
* Support for unlimited IP ranges
* Improved host detection using multiple ICMP methods
* TCP SYN scanning
* UDP scanning (two methods)
* IP address import supporting ranges and CIDR formats
* Simple HTML report generation
* Source port scanning
* Fast hostname resolving
* Extensive banner grabbing
* Massive built-in port list description database
* IP and port scan order randomization
* A selection of useful tools (ping, traceroute, Whois etc)
* Extensive Windows host enumeration capability

a-Change Mac Address 5.0
Change Mac Address in seconds! Scan Mac Address within any range of IP address. Exports the scanning results from a Mac Address Lookup list. Spoofing the Mac Address of your network card to any new Mac Address.
Wake on Lan. Win Ipconfig.Port Scan.
Scan any range of IP for the proper Mac Address.
Support changing Mac Address of any network cards under Windows NT/2000/XP/95/98/2003.
Support exporting scanning mac address results to txt file.
A-MAC Address Change is a lightweight, easy-use MAC Address scanning and changing software. Don't let its small size fool you! It's filled with features such as:
* It's shockingly easy to use — just a simple input and click, that's it!
* It can scan any range of IP for the proper MAC Address.
* It supports exporting results of your scan to a text file.
* It runs on all Windows™ operating systems.
* It supports any network cards under Windows Me/95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
* It supports changing back to its original physical address.
* It recommends the proper Ethernet network card.
* It displays the information of your computer.
* It automatically checks the legality of IP range.
* It supports changing MAC searching speed.

But what does all this mean to you? Simple...
* You don't blow your time calling the ISP vendor and ask them to update the registered MAC Address to match the new hardware. Some Cable Modem ISP's assign IP addresses base on the PC's MAC addresses. For whatever reason, if you need to swap 2 PC's regularly to connect to the cable modem, it would be a lot easier to spoof MAC Addresses rather than to change Network Interface Card (NIC).
* You can scan the MAC Address of destination computer.
* You can perform security checking on MAC Address based authentication and authorization systems
* You can build Stand-by (offline) systems with the EXACT same Computer Name, IP address, & MAC Address as the Primary Systems. If Stand-by systems should be put online, NO arp table refresh is necessary, which eliminates extra downtime.
* Test network management tools.
* Some software can ONLY be installed and run on the systems with pre-defined MAC address in the license file. Now you can install one of these applications to another system with a different NIC.
* Troubleshoot Network problems: ARP Tables, Routing, Switching, etc.

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