Kartikey Sapra
Well i will tell u how to hack the hacker or simply say track the hackerWink
So here we start:-

Many of them are affected by keylogger or torjan and all stroke is record and send to hacker ftp account or gmail account Angry

So many them like how to find the hacker who has install the kelogger to his computer

Most of hacker use ftp account to get key stroke recorded from victim computer like



hacker have install a key logger to u r pc Confused now how to trace that hackerUndecided( when the keylogger is installed in your computer and it is sending key strokes it have to log in ftp account as the hacker has program it)
Now u r thinking how to trace???Undecided
here is some great tool like wireshark you can download from


NOw hacker have install log file in your pc and u want to hack hacker
1) Open wireshark chose your network and start monitoring your network
( wireshark will show you you all ftp, http, udp, tcp and all type of connected to your computer)

2) Hacker has set particulate time after this particular time key stroke will be send to his ftp account it will be maximum 10 min so wait 10 min

3) Hacker is using ftp account so filter it type ftp and hit enter

Click the image to open in full size.

4) Now you will see that the key loger is sending key stroke to ftp account and you will see all information even u will see the user name and ftp p***word and many thing else

Click the image to open in full size.

5) NOW GO TO FTP website open hacker account view his profile and you can also see the other activity done by the hacker done by itBig Grin
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