Kartikey Sapra
To save a few seconds at startup, which appears between the end of loading your computer BIOS and the login screen of Windows follow this tutorial

Note : You won't be able to view the start screen representing the Windows XP (Which is not a big deal and anytime you can turn on your GUI)

1. Click Start menu and choose Run

2. Type msconfig in the Run text box then confirm by pressing the Enter key

3. The System Configuration Utility window opens. Click on the BOOT.INI tab to access the boot options

4. Check the box / NOGUIBOOT. The parameter is then automatically added to the end of the command characterizing Windows XP in the BOOT.INI file. Then confirm changes by clicking on OK button

5. A dialog box configuration of the system opens by asking you what you want to do. To implement this change now, click Restart


P.S : This tutorial is not for very beginners. Make sure you know what you are doing before proceeding with this tutorial

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