Kartikey Sapra
So lets start this is very easy method but it needs some time!!!

How you all saw on Youtube videos like:"How to add Rapidshare Points","How to extend Rapidshare accounts" and some programs that will help u to do that.
As we all know most of the stuff are stealers,keylogers, or viruses...

First u have to do is to download Bintext.
Download it from here:



Now find some youtube video type something like "Rapidshare Premium extender".

Download the file thats in video description(info)...

Now open Bintext and find the file u just downloaded:

When u found it click go

Now at the bodom u can see Email and pass of user

Note: this also works if u search on youtube somethhing like:
Wow retail account gold adder,Steam extender and that sort of stuff..
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