Kartikey Sapra
Adobe Photoshop, or simply Photoshop, is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. It is the current and primary market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation, and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. It has been described as "an industry standard for graphics professionals" and was one of the early "killer applications" on Macintosh.

Chapter 1: Resources
Chapter 2: Workspace
Chapter 3: Opening and importing images
Chapter 4: Camera Raw
Chapter 5: Color
Chapter 6: Color management
Chapter 7: Color and tonal adjustments
Chapter 8: Retouching and transforming
Chapter 9: Selecting and masking
Chapter 10: Layers
Chapter 11: Painting
Chapter 12: Drawing
Chapter 13: Filters
Chapter 14: Type
Chapter 15: Saving and exporting images
Chapter 16: Printing
Chapter 17: Web graphics
Chapter 18: Video and animation
Chapter 19: 3D and technical imaging
Chapter 20: Automating tasks
Chapter 21: Optional plug-ins
Chapter 22: Keyboard shortcuts

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