Kartikey Sapra
This can be Divide into 2 Parts

1. Detecting Stealers & Get Protect
2. Cracking stealers

So lets start...

1. Detecting Stealers & Get Protect

Ok 1st of All you need an good firewall program which watchout all your program's activity. I use KIS for that. If you dont have download From Here.

Now install it & activate it using key (there are lot of keys out there).
After Installation Click on Settings

Then Click on Protection, Here you can see Interactive Protraction Column, Here you see the check on Select an Action Automatically, Uncheck this Box and Click OK.

Now whenever you run any new application it ask like this.

Click Yes, then another message appears.

If the exe file is 100% trusted to you & you are sure that there is no virus or stealer in there then Click 1st Option Make Trusted. But if the application is not enough trusted for you then never check 1st option, you have to take 2nd Option Allow Now.

Now if the exe is infected with some stealer **** then you got 1 or all of the following messages....

In the 1st pic you can see the message that the file is trying to read protected registry key - location mozilla firefox, thats means it is an stealer whenever the file is infected it show similer messages like file is trying to read password storage file location- mozilla firefox or internet explorer or msn messenger, you should immediately terminate the application to avoid getting hacked. Dont ever allow such kind of applications.

Now you get aware of how to detect stealers so its time to crack them now.

2. Cracking stealers

Ok its time to crack an ****ing Stealer.

There are two types of Stealers.

1. ftp Stealers
2. Php Stealers

Before Starting you need to clear your cookies & private data for firefox, internet explorer, msn, etc etc.... for protecting your self.

After clearing your private data now u need an sniffer. Good if you have Private one but also you can use free or trial versions. If you dont have 1 then Download from here.

http://www.tamos.com/bitrix/redirect.php?event1=download&event2=commview&event 3=cv6&goto=/files/cv6.zip

Ok after installing an sniffer run it & start monitoring your network adopter.

After Starting it it will monitor all the incoming & Outgoing traffic.

Now Goto your stealer's server & run it, In kaspersky Click on Allow now everytime it ask. 1st stealer read your private data (which u already wiped before starting this)

and then send it over internet, kaspersky shows like this.

Allow Just 1 time & then goto your sniffer, check at the ports where ftp is shown, the last access to ftp as shown here.

Double click on that so you get the complete list of traffic to that specific ftp.

Now in the list Double click on one of the outgoing traffic whose destination port is 'ftp'. Now the window appears in front of you is your desired target...

Now open ftp client, enter his info username/pass, **** his Logs....
The same method apply to php stealer, but cant see its logs, have a look...


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