Kartikey Sapra
Hacking LAWS ALL must Follow At Any Case !, People Who Dont Follow Did Mistake and they Pay for it !

Please Read Every Rule Atleast 4 Times And Try To find Hidden Meaning from It If u R inteligent enough
Also Use Your Own Brain That If u dont Follow What Problem u may get

And If U think U dont Understand Any Rule Even After reading it Many Times

MasterMind's Laws Of Hacking

Either Fear Or Do Hacking
Dont Feel Sorry For Anything u Did
Dont Cheat Your Freinds Or Relatives
Using Your Knowldge Is Very Important
Hurt Only If U acheive something
Hack Anyone To Suceed On your Targeted Goals
Dont Proud If u ****** anyone Rather Celeberate for acheiving targets
Always Hide Your Name,Ip,personal data For Your Art


Hacking is an ART of Getting Usefull things from others without permission and not leaving your real traces behind

Dont Care Your Victims
I always Consider My Victims As an Opportunity and Un-valuable people ,To do Art Either i Can Care my Unvaluable Victims or
i care for My Art of hacking So i choose My Art as I Love to Care the Art of hacking

Either Fear Or Do Hacking

I don't Hide/remove traces Because i fear from police i HIDE because its The rule of Art to hide/remove traces
Either One Can Fear From Police Or Either One Can Do this Art Dedicately So i Choose I love to do this art Dedicatedly by following its rules. Even I have to try smallest bug in any smallest site still i will hide/remove traces because its rule of my art and i have to follow it if i love my art.

Dont Feel Sorry For Anything u Did

I dont Regret Hacking/Hurting/OutSmarting Stupid Strangers for my passion as i Love This ART of hacking
I can do Anything For My Loving Art.

Dont Cheat Your Freinds Or Relatives

I Always Hack Foreginers people For My passionable ART .I Always Hack My Own country's people For My passionable ART But I Never Ever NEVER Hack Whom I ***** LOVE/Respect/Like The Most ********

Using Your Knowldge Is Very Important

Hacking People Is Not my passion, But Can Anyone Learn Swimming Without Entering Into the water? Same Way Can Anyone Learn This Art WithouT Hacking Anyone?

Motive Is Not To Hurt Rather hurt Only If u get profit and u follow art
I Dont Hack Anyone For Useless Motive Because Thats not ART Thats taking revenge Uselessly...

Dont make Motive Of Rich Or Earn Money
I dont Do this Art For Earning Money motive I may Use Hacking To earn Money Which I use For Online needs But I dont hack For money to fullFill my Life Needs As Then my this Art Will Job , As We fullfill our Life Needs Through Job! ITs my passion not my Job !

Hack Anyone To Suceed On your Targeted Goals

I dont Hack Anyone To Take Pride as i am not doing something Appretiable i am just following principle of my art i Only do to take heart happiness i.e peace in mind and heart for acheiveing targeted goals...

Always Hide Your Name,Ip,personal data For Your Art
I always Hide My identity and Never Disclose my Real identity in Hacking Because I dont want my known people know it that i am hacker if i told them they wil loose trust amongst me in any online thing and they will make me culprit if any thing goes wrong online.
All These Laws are Followed 90 % But 10 % are always exceptions Some are given below:-

Do Fear sometimes If u do hacking
Like If u want to hack some bank account of 1 lakh dollar or if u r hacking someone that may hurts you in future then u have to think Twice Before hacking,If u want to hack ATM Or u want to hack FBI site Lols ph34r.gif

Feel Sorry If u did mistake
If u hack anyone valuable person or hacked uselessly then u should feel sorry angry.gif

Cheat Your Freinds for their bcenefit
U may hack some's personal data to know about them like spying on girlfreind,or for your bcenefit that u have to decide wub.gif

Some times not using knowldge is good
Knowldge like hacking ATM card ,hacking FBI site etc is not good lols tongue.gif

Hurt To Get Proud
Enemies If u want to hurt Your enemy Then Everything Is Fair to Hurt Him

Tell your real name
tell your real name to very best freinds who already have intersted in hacking but not to thoosewho dont have interest also if u tell anyone that u r hacker they wil keeep saying you to teach them hacking blah blah wacko.gif
You may tell your name after u hacked your enemy

Somethings u Have To decide By Using Your brain That when u have to Follow When Not
Most Importantly Use your brain The most!!

Enjoy Happy Hacking

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