Kartikey Sapra
This is a proof of concept executing any of these actions is not what is intended with this tutorial and I will not be held responsible for your private actions.

Alright to start off let's let say this. Using a cd or dvd will make this more undetectable. Ok now let's begin.

Autorun files are used commonly on different program CD's and not usually intended to install harmful files but if used correctly they can do exactly this.

To start open up notepad and type this:
Save this as autorun.inf

This will cause the file that you specify to autorun when a cd is inserted or if your using a usb stick it'll take a double click on the drive.


Now we need the simple procedure of hiding the files just in case they explore. This is simple enough right click each file and tick the Hidden file box.

This should make a complete autorun file. If you have any questions please ask.

Note: Might want to stick some files in there with it. Maybe add an error that says the cd is empty or corrupt.

Note: If autorun is disabled on the target PC this, will not work.

Note: Get creative. I'll give you a hint virtual mount.
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