Kartikey Sapra
Basically there are only two type of games which are available in trial version.

1. Reflexive Games

2. Trymedia Games.

First lets learn an easy and simple method to craack Reflexive Games.

All the games which have the image like given below are reflexive games.

When you install the game it will show you the reflexive logo too before installing game in your pc .

ok lets go toward craacking process.
You need a small software called reflexfix to remove trial period from reflexive games (you can download this software from the RS link i'll be giving you at the end)

(1)Install your game
(2)run reflexfix.exe
(3)choose method 2
(4)new window opens to browse your game directory. game directory is the folder in which your game installed . generally games are installed in c drive/program files/gamename folder/
(5)once you have moved to game directory you can see the game launcher which launches the game . just select it and open it.
(6)congratulations! you have craacked the reflexive game. play the game and enjoy full version.
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