Kartikey Sapra
First Of All Download This File:

Then Extract And You Will Get These Files:

Now You Must Make A Backup From The Autorun.inf From Your Usb And Then Delete It..
Copy All The 8 Files To Usb And Then Select Them All And Go To Right Click>Properties>Check "Hidden" And Click Apply>Ok
Then The Files Will Be Hidden
When you plug in the usb a blank cmd(it was a cmd saying saving passes and could make the owner understand it but edited doesnt) comes up and is copying all the passwords to 5 .txt files that will come up.It is also edited to make the computer cannot see the hidden files so if the owner opens the usb will see only .txt documents and not the 8 files mentioned above.

It Steals:
* MSN Messenger
* Windows Messenger (Xp Only)
* Windows Live Messenger (Xp+Vista)
* Yahoo Messenger (v5,6)
* Google Talk
* ICQ Lite v4.v5.v2003
* AOL Instant Messenger v4.6 or below, AIM v6. and AIM Pro.
* Trillian
* Miranda
* GAIM/Pidgin
* MySpace IM
* PaltalkScene
* Digsby
* Outlook Express
* Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3,SMTP)
* Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007 (POP3,IMAP,HTTP,SMTP)
* Windows Mail
* Windows Live Mail
* IncrediMail
* Eudora
* Netscape v6,v7 (Password Not Master Encrypted)
* Mozilla Thunderbird (Password Not Master Encrypted)
* Group Mail Free
* Yahoo! Mail - (Passwords Saved In Yahoo Messenger Application)
* Hotmail/MSN mail - (Passwords Saved In MSN/Windows/Live Messenger Application)
* Gmail - (Passwords Saved By Gmail Notifier Application,Google Desktop,or Google Talk)
* Internet Explorer 4,6,7 & 8 Beta Stored Usernames+Passwords
* Outlook passwords
* AutoComplete passwords in Ie

So You Just Plug-In The Usb And A Blank Cmd Box Doing Proccesses Come Up.Then It Hides The .exe which was doing the hacking proccesses and leaves only the .txt with the accounts..
Remove the usb and enjoy

Found On The Net And Edited It..

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