Kartikey Sapra

Platform: PC
Category: Puzzle
Publisher: Other
Release: 2010/04/05
Size: 91.5 MB

Step into in the shoes of a homicide detective Dan Foible and his team of experts as a sudden wave of violence hits Miami. Search for evidence, unravel clues and solve puzzles while investigating a series of crimes in this gripping hidden object adventure. A unique blend of point-and-click and hidden object adventure, Real Detectives gives you an opportunity to hunt for evidence and interrogate suspects. Mini-games and mind-bending puzzles help you uncover clues and lead you closer to the culprit.With a modern setting in Miami, Florida; a sensational, “pulled from the headlines” story, high production values and new-to-the-genre game mechanics, Real Detectives is poised to become a flagship crime drama series.

http://ugotfile.com/file/1141230/Real.Detectives.Murder.In.Miami v1.0.rar?rid=87629
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