Kartikey Sapra
First of all hide you ip!
use Platinum Hide ip or Anchor free Hotspot shield

Platinum HIde ip (firefox) :
Anchor free Hotspot shield :
{Download link updated}

Now lets start.. :D
1)open firefox and go to Mailinator - Let Them Eat Spam!

2)now open new tab and go to http://www.gmail.com and click on "Can't access your account?"

3)click on "i forgot my username" and then click on "username recovery page"

4)now you have to enter any name like "john" "tom" "sexy" etc... {Think little}
in my case i will write "tom@mailinator.com" and then click submit and then the captcha and click submit.... .i.e {tom@mailinator.com= your victim}

5)Then Enter the name "Tom" In mailinator inbox field and click go

You are now on mailinator inbox of Tom.Open the mail sended by Google.There you can see
Email of tom {given below}
U can hack this :D

6)Copy the email that u want to hack

7)Go to gmail.com and "Can't access your account?"Then Click on "I forgot my password" an then "password recovery page"

8)write the email address you want to hack in my case i will write "elloheyster@gmail.com" and then click submit and then enter the captcha and click submit...

9)Then go to the mailinator inbox of "Tom" there you can see another mail from google mail open that.

10)There you can see the link to reset password click

11)Open it and write the new password.

12)Account hacked!

This method is working 100% and i tested it {i got two accounts}
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