Kartikey Sapra
This program works for vista and 7

alright for starters you'll need to download it of course here's the link check at the middle of the website for download

Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

they give you the steps but i will repeat them anyway

1. Download the file
2. extract the program (only 1kb xD)
3. Last step. double click the application and go through the cfg

USE: this is the big one you must find a FILE, FOLDER, OR ZIPPED FILE, you then

RIGHT CLICK it and where you see "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" is it will instead say

"TAKE OWNERSHIP" click it and it will pull up the command processor, let it run, it takes 5/s a gigabyte so its very fast

USAGE:1. to delete local content that you are NOT admin to delete...until now!
2. to edit files or tinker with the cfg of games and apps alike that you aren't supposed to such as cstrike.
3.To just plane plagiarize the works of someone else
4. To gain the rights of that program, for your own creative plans

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