Kartikey Sapra

Alright you need 3 programs before you steal anything you sinners so here's the links....


Winrar...(32-bit or 64 i use 32)

Poweriso (For pc games)

Next, install (obviously)

Then, you need a torrent (download) to start

soo lets say you want Half:life 2 for free, you go to google and type in "half life 2 torrent pirate bay" pirate bay is the best torrent you can use others but thats just what i use.

ok.. now youll hit "download this torrent on the page and it will download with UTORRENT and then you wait...a while

So lets just pretend your download finishes, now you will right click the torrent on the list and click "open containing folder"

Now... this part and everything below this only applies to videogames soo assuming you are trying to get a videogame you must now open power iso, once in there you must hit the mount button then hit "mount image to drive e" (select the iso file its zipped and looks like books due to winrar), and you can click anyone of them even if theres forty you ONLY MOUNT 1 and once you select it ITS DONE :p

now right click all the books and select "extract here" ps. you do this whether it is a video game or not

let it finish and find the cracked file it might say "crack" or it might have a special name like "frostjay...(blah blah)232" then you open the folder and COPY the files and paste in the main game file thing and replace the files with the new ones you can youtube this if you don't understand.

Ok last thing you need install, run the setup file and it MIGHT maybe not but it might ask for the game code that "came with your game case" if it does check your crack folder for a key list and enter one of the working codes and let it install and your done!!!!!!!!!!

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