Kartikey Sapra
Most of you should know that flash drives usually come pre-formatted with FAT32 now that flash drives are getting more and more bigger using the NTFS will really make an improvement on how your flash drive operates. In Vista right click on the drive you want to format click Format and choose NTFS

(I know the screenshot is XP but its the same thing in Vista)

[HIDE-THANKS]In Windows XP it won't let you format to NTFS unless you tell the computer to do so. To format your flash drive to NTFS in XP go to My Computer -> Right Click the drive icon and choose Properties then click the Polices Tab and select the Optimize for Performance option. Done!

Now enjoy the features of NTFS! I wonder if the the cmd. "C:\> CONVERT (driveuwannaconvert): /fs:ntfs" would work
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