Kartikey Sapra
While the Minesweeper game is included in almost every Windows computer, few know how to play it, and others have no idea how to win when playing it. This article will explain to play, and almost never lose.

Open Minesweeper and select the window.
Type xyzzy
Hold BOTH shift keys for 3 seconds.
Release shift, and hover your mouse over the mine field.
or type xyzzy,shift.enter,enter

Look closely to find a very tiny white square on the top left of your desktop, it should be about 1 pixel in size. Not in the minesweeper screen but your computer backround. A white dot means it's safe to click, and a black dot means that there is a mine.
For MineSweeper in previous versions of Windows, i.e. before XP, search for the file winmine.ini
Open this file (using notepad, wordpad, etc.)
You will see entries for best times. Edit those entries, modifying the names and the times to reflect your times!
You are a MineSweeper champion!
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